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Congrats to our

1st & 2nd Place Winners:

Jennifer M. - $1,000

Chad H. - $250

With the recent announcement regarding the unfortunate closing of R. Shea Brewing, we have made adjustments to the 2024 Summit Brew Path. Completed passports will now be 15 stops for Tier 1 and 19 stops for Tier 2. We hope you enjoy this year’s Brew Path!

Here’s What You’ll Need to Know:

AGAIN for 2024 – Your choice to complete one or two tiers!

You'll pick up your copy of the Official Passport at your first stop.


Tier 1: 15 stops (was 17) = Entry for $250 prize & Summit Brew Path Bash Invitation .


Tier 2: 19 stops (was 21) = Entry for $1,000 prize & Summit Brew Path Bash Invitation.


1. Visit 15 or 19 official stops – make a purchase at each – get your Passport stamped by each brewery. Path Completion Deadline: November 30, 2024


2. Upload and complete the submission form using the same information that is in your passport. Click the link on the submission page complete the form by December 13.


3. Mark you calendar to attend the “Summit Brew Path Bash” on Saturday, January 4, 2025 from 3pm to 6pm at the John S. Knight Center.


4. Upon our receipt of your “entry form,” you will receive an email invitation with complete details – you must RSVP no later than December 20, 2024 to attend. You also must PRESENT YOUR COMPLETED PASSPORT to enter the Bash. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to the RSVP date!


5. Grand prizes will be drawn at the Bash & winners do not need to be present.

Dates to Remember:

  • February 10, 2024 – Launch of the 2024 Summit Brew Path

  • November 30, 2024 – Deadline to complete the 2024 Summit Brew Path

  • December 13, 2024 – Entry form must be submitted no later than this date

  • December 20, 2024 – RSVP deadline for the Summit Brew Path Bash

  • January 4, 2025Summit Brew Path Bash!


Follow the ASCVB on social media and use the hashtag - #SummitBrewPath - to share your journey on the path.

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